We connect the community of drivers.
We help them lead healthy and active lives.

What do we believe in?

We believe that a healthy and strong driver is safer behind the wheel and thus causes less accidents.
For this reason, we build outdoor gyms that help drivers get more fit and their enhance concentration.

Map of the gyms for drivers

We have built 53 outdoor gyms and we are still planning to built new ones.
They are located on the best gas stations, rest areas and truck service centres in Europe.

  • Our gyms
  • Partner gyms
  • Planned gyms

We had great fun with drivers during Master Truck 2016

Our partners

Thanks to our sponsors and partners.
Without your help, we wouldn't be able to positively change drivers' lives.

Iwona Blecharczyk Trucking Girl

Our ambassador

Professional truck driver
A lover of the world of trucks, she has been
changing the image of professional drivers in Europe for couple of months.

Media patrons


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Truckers Life Team - Who we are

We are non-profit organisation operating in a road transport sector.
We help professional drivers to change
their life styles and we provide them with tools that are to support these change.

Truckers Life Foundation was established in 2013 from the initiative of Logitrans, Trans.eu system operator,

Find more on: www.trans.eu

Contact us - together we will build 1000 gyms in Europe sooner.
We will help drivers and increase safety.

Truckers Life Foundation
Brzozowa 2/9
52-200 Wysoka, Poland
KRS 0000456520

T: +48 71 733 35 55
E: info@truckerslife.eu