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We believe that a strong and healthy person drives more safely. For this reason, we help truckers lead healthy and active lives. We educate and provide them with tools necessary to change their habits and improve lifestyle.

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We believe that a change in a driver's life style can actually improve safety on Polish and European roads. That is why we build gyms which help drivers get in better shape and enhance their concentration while behind the wheel.

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Our ambassador

Iwona Blecharczyk Trucking Girl

Professional truck driver. A lover of the world of trucks, she has been changing the image of professional drivers in Europe for couple of months.

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  • Alvin Gajadhur

    p.o. Głównego Inspektora Transportu Drogowego

    " Road Transport Inspection is full of recognition for projects aimed at reducing the risk of diseases of circulatory, digestive and osteo-articular (...) At the same time, I would like to wish you every success in the implementation of the project... "

  • Aleksandra Kutz

    "Ola w trasie" TTV

    " During my travels I was always about the ways of supporting good health of the drivers on the road and their passangers. Proper food - I checked it, place to sleep - also important, as well as entertaiment but how to enourage people to move? And at last, there is a gym on the road. I support and recommend it. When are they going to be everywhere? I can't wait! "

  • Dariusz Serafiński

    Master of Poland in EcoDriving, professional driver

    " Building outdoor gyms on gas stations is a great idea and at the same time it is a sign of respect for drivers. We can finally move a little during out stops and simply have some fun. "

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