TRUCKERS LAB - mobile medical examinations for truckers

There are over 600 000 professional drivers in Poland, and their health is in danger. As a foundation we conduct a programme of mobile medical examinations for professional drivers since 2016. Each year is finalised with a publication of a report - download link - 2019 edition - The results are alarming! Over ⅔ of professional drivers suffers from overweight and obesity, and this can lead to the increased probability of suffering from, among others cardiovascular diseases.


The goal of this project is to diffuse the knowledge and skills of giving a first aid within the group of professional drivers. First 4 minutes are a key to survival of victims of accidents. By spreading the knowledge and teaching most basic skills we can save lives.


A project that aims to help truckers that suffered in an accident during their work - a programme that runs charity actions and support initiatives.


Programme that aims to promote physical activity and rational nutrition habits within the group of professional drivers. Because of an alarming state of health of professional drivers we activate and educate drivers in accordance with a saying “a healthy soul in a healthy body”.


Project strictly dedicated to building outdoor gyms near the drivers point of service, parkings and gas stations - by creating an infrastructure that makes it possible to the professional drivers to stay active while their wheels are rolling with support prevention from diseases and health problems. A healthy driver is a safe driver - our objects are open for everybody. So far, we were able to build 107 outdoor gyms in 4 countries.