The first Truckers Life gym in Germany has been already set up!


Last week, we opened the first Truckers Life gym for drivers in Germany! It is placed within Lauenau Truck Center by Daimlerstraße 1 Street and it was founded by the Truckxxgroup company.

The gym opening took place during the "Healthy driver, safe driver" picnic that was organized by our foundation. After the ribbon around the gym was cut, a professional driver, Iwona "Trucking Girl" Blecharczyk, demonstrated a workout under the watchful eye of a trainer, Arno Schmitt. They both compelled all the participants of the picnic.

Apart from the workout in the outdoor gym, Iwona and Arno presented the newest Marcedes-Benz TopFit Truck the cab of which was designed specially for the active drivers who exercise during their rest stops. Other partners were also present as they prepared demonstrations of the tools and services designed specially for drivers. Drivers had a chance to talk to the representatives of companies such as:, Raben, AutoSchmidt or Premio. They could also learn more about first aid, see the set of the new Wimed exercise equipment and test our electric racing track. At all times, the participants had a possibility of tasting barbecue dishes as well as delicious and healthy smoothies.

We would like to thank our partners and co-organizers of the event for their commitment and participation in the picnic! :-) See you soon in the Czech Republic during the inauguration of another pilot gym!